"Do You Do Custom Work?"

Yes, totally! If my books are open, I'm happy to hear about your proposal. Please note that I only tattoo illustrative blackwork (no, I don't tattoo color or outside of my style). Additionally, I won't tattoo other people's work or anything that is racist, homophobic, or disrespectful.

If I think the custom work you've proposed requires a consultation first, I will suggest an in-person or remote meeting to clarify and/or answer questions before offering a spot in my books.

"How Do You Choose Projects?"

I book work that I am creatively excited about! At the moment, I'm interested in imagery from the natural world, especially birds, fish, and organic textures.

For numerous reasons, I don't share custom work before appointments. I generally reserve the first hour or so of a session to review sketches together and discuss and implement reasonable revisions.

"What is Your Hourly Rate?"

My standard rate is $200/per hour, with a 2-hour minimum. The exception to this minimum is applicable to flash with a listed price.

I offer a BIPOC sliding scale of $150-$200. (This information is voluntary, and I do not require any client to disclose racial identity or skin tone to book an appointment with me.)

All custom work is $600 minimum.

I charge for time spent actively tattooing, not for consultation, preparation, drawing time, or for revisions.

"How Long Will the Tattoo Take?"

It's hard to estimate how long a tattoo will take, especially if it's a larger/multi-session piece. I'll do my best to break down the time I think it will take, but in my experience, if you're working from a tight budget, it's best to know ahead of time so we can factor this in to consider the pace, amount of detail, placement or size. Session times generally increase with size, placement difficulty, and shading complexity.

"Do You Take Credit Cards, Venmo, or CashApp?"

Cash only please! Visit an ATM before your appointment and be mindful of daily withdrawal limits.

"Should I Tip?"

Tips are not required but are always deeply appreciated!

"Where is Your Studio?"

I currently work out of my private home studio located between West Oakland Bart and 12th Street station. I will send you the address once we've completed the booking process.

My studio is located on the second floor of a building that has a porch with 2 stairs and up one flight of 16 stairs. If you need different accommodations, please let me know in your booking form so that I can offer accessible alternative spaces for your session.

My studio is adjacent to a space shared with animals, so I can't accommodate people with allergies to dogs or cats or sensitivity to scents.


How to Submit a Booking Request

If my books are open, you'll see a "Booking Request" button in the upper right corner (if viewing from a desktop) or at the top of the mobile menu (if viewing from a phone) of my website. Click or tap this button to open my booking request form.

If my books are closed, you'll see a "Mailing List" button in the upper right corner instead. Click or tap this button to open my mailing list sign-up form.

Booking Request Response

When you submit a booking request, it enters a queue in my inbox. It takes me time to read all of your submissions, so please be patient with me :) I like to give first priority to returning clients, active multi-session pieces, BIPOC, and gender-diverse people.

I review and respond to booking requests on a first-come, first-served basis until my books are full.

Booking Offer & Non-Refundable Deposit

If I accept your proposal or booking request, you will receive an email with details about confirming your appointment. You'll be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of $150, which can be used to cover the last hour of your session (note: if you're doing multiple sessions, this will cover the last hour of your final session).

If I don't receive a booking deposit within 48 hours of sending you a booking offer email, I will offer your appointment to the next person in my booking queue.

Deposits help tattooers hold people accountable for their appointments. It is tough to fill appointments made available by last-minute cancellations and recoup the money lost by a no-show, so I require a deposit for every new client and new project.

Cancellation Policy

If you can't make your appointment, you must give me 48 hours notice. Failure to provide me with 48-hour notice will result in the loss of your non-refundable booking deposit and a reduced likelihood of me accepting your future booking request. If you re-book with me, I will require a new booking deposit to hold a new appointment.

For those who do give the proper heads-up, your booking deposit can be used for future bookings with me.

If I need to cancel our appointment for any reason, I'll let you know with as much advance notice as possible. If that happens, you will not be required to make a deposit while re-booking.

The only exception to this policy is if you have or suspect you have COVID or a contagious viral infection. If you are sick, I will honor your booking deposit for a rescheduled appointment or future booking request.

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